WearCOAT System Floors

WearCOAT System Floors

CFI Floor Coatings are born from proven formulations tested over time. When specified and professionally applied, they have repeatedly proven to offer years of service across a full spectrum of applications, even in the most challenging environments.

The Coatings For Industry story is as compelling as it is unique. Born decades ago out of a need for better coatings for turbine engines, CFI now serves coatings professionals with unparalleled products, patents, and successes across markets ranging from jet aircraft to dirigibles, steel structures, and floors for factories, veterinary clinics, and showrooms.

Each day, a committed, talented team at CFI strives to make every delivery on-time with consistently perfect, industry-leading products designed to work in demanding environments. In fact, CFI is audited annually to maintain an ISO 9001 certificate for its quality management system.

Born out of decades of determination, count on WearCOAT® Flooring Products to solve just about any problem – any job, any need, with return to service on-time.

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