The Alchemist’s Guide to Coatings: Transmuting Challenges Into Opportunities With Advanced Testing Kits


Coating Failures and Defects Guide

A free field guide to 42 common coatings failures and defects.

This field guide features 42 common coatings failures and defects. A high resolution image, straightforward description, probable cause, and prevention method is provided for each of the 42 unique coatings failures and defects. Published in partnership with Fitz's Atlas 2 and ASM Handbook Volume 5B, Corrosionpedia is proud to bring you a field guide for coatings failures and defects.

A high resolution PDF document that can be loaded on your mobile device and brought on site, or saved on you workstation for later analysis, the Coatings Failures and Defects is a powerful resource for all corrosion professionals who work with coatings.

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